Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday - Winter Park to Empire, CO

Today we took a short trip to Empire, CO. Verrry small place. We thought we could get some souveniers for our grandchildren there, but that wasn't the case. However, Jerry did buy him a souvenier. We bought it at a place where the man carves things (not by hand) in dead wood. His name is Daryl Daniel Boone and he is a descendant of the "Daniel Boone". You will see in the pictures what Jerry bought. We asked Daryl if there was a good place near to eat and he directed us to a local restaurant called "Jenny's". It has been there for many years and the menu has not changed in 25 years; however, the prices have. :) It was a good meal, but too much for me to eat.

We came back to our condo and I have worked on writing my blogs for too long. Maybe I will get faster before this is over.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow we leave Winter Park. We are going to Jerry's great niece's graduation get together near Denver and then we will be in Yuma, CO tomorrow night. That is Jerry's home town.
Click on the picture below to see more. Hope you enjoy.

From Winter Park to Empire, CO


Leanna Pitcher said...

Dear Mom, I miss you sooo much! Wow, how beautiful! I love technology and being able to stay up with your trip adventures. It makes you seem not quite so far away. Even though you are actually 17 hours away :( Love you and cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Your daughter, Leanna

Betty said...

Hello out there!!

Enjoying your photos and wish we were there!! Missing you here. Enjoy the rest of your time with Jerry's family, and have a safe trip home.

Love ya
Your "old" friends

Lisa said...

Hi Gloria! I ran across your blog through Sarah's blog...glad to see your a blogger now! Can't wait to check back in...

Love Lisa~