Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday - Winter Park to Empire, CO

Today we took a short trip to Empire, CO. Verrry small place. We thought we could get some souveniers for our grandchildren there, but that wasn't the case. However, Jerry did buy him a souvenier. We bought it at a place where the man carves things (not by hand) in dead wood. His name is Daryl Daniel Boone and he is a descendant of the "Daniel Boone". You will see in the pictures what Jerry bought. We asked Daryl if there was a good place near to eat and he directed us to a local restaurant called "Jenny's". It has been there for many years and the menu has not changed in 25 years; however, the prices have. :) It was a good meal, but too much for me to eat.

We came back to our condo and I have worked on writing my blogs for too long. Maybe I will get faster before this is over.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow we leave Winter Park. We are going to Jerry's great niece's graduation get together near Denver and then we will be in Yuma, CO tomorrow night. That is Jerry's home town.
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From Winter Park to Empire, CO

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday- Central City & Black Hawk, CO

On Thursday we traveled through Idaho Springs to Central City and Black Hawk. These are historical cities. It has been about 27 years since we have been to these towns. Black Hawk is almost nothing but Casinos now; quite different than it used to be.

On our way down from Winter Park we went through a real "Winter" snow storm. It snowed like crazy and was 32 degrees. The elevation is 12,060.

We traveled almost to Denver to a Wal Mart so I could get my glasses straightened. I set my computer down on mine and they were in a bad shape.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Winter Park - Central City - Blackhawk

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Winter Park - Boulder

I am very frustrated with my pictures. I couldn't understand why they were so foggy. Jerry thought he had cleaned the lens, but I guess it wasn't cleaned very good. Excuse the pictures and hopefully from now on the pictures will be better.

We went to Boulder today and met Steve and Rebecca. They flew into Denver early this morning. We ate with them at the Boulder Cafe. I ate my very first blackened fish tacos and rice and black beans. It was very good. We really enjoyed being with them.

On our way back to Winter Park, I was on the computer and wasn't being the travel guide. We ended up going 30 miles out of our way. Oh well, we are on vacation and we just got to see more of this beautiful country. We were one mile from the Loveland Pass.

It is late and we haven't even eaten our evening meal. This altitude makes it hard to breathe, so it discourages eating too much. It is really hard for me to breathe up here. Jerry had a headache today. Steve got a headache when they were in Estes Park.
Enjoy the foggy pictures below.
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Winter Park & Boulder

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wed-Monday morning

I never dreamed when I started this blog that I would not have Internet connection for so many days. It is easier to blog on a daily basis. I have forgotten what we did on Wednesday until now; just teasing. We arrived at our friend Marilyn's house Wednesday evening and she treated us to Golden Corral, which we enjoyed very much. Her friend "Coon Tail Charlie" sings karaoke, so we enjoyed hearing him and Marilyn sing. Jerry and I actually did karaoke singing "Blessed Assurance". Her daughter is named after me. You will see a picture of us together.

Thursday afternoon we traveled to Carnegie, OK (my home town). We visited my Daddy & Mother's graves and bought an arrangement at the florist to have it placed on their graves for Memorial Day. We went by their old house and took a picture. We ate at a very small place in town "Georgia's". Carnegie has just about deteriorated to nothing, so there is hardly a place in town to eat. The food was very good. We went to my cousin Loyd and Colleen Vance's house for the afternoon and night. My cousin Letha and her husband Herman ate supper with us. Letha is Loyd's sister. They were leaving the very next day for Maryland where their grandchildren were graduating. We had a delicious homemade Mexican chicken casserole plus many other dishes including fresh strawberry pie.

My childhood friends, Beverly and Sherriell happened to be in town. They were having to put their mother in a nursing home. She is 93. Beverly lives in San Antonio and Sherriell in Bethany, OK. They are twins. We have been friends since eighth grade. They came to Loyd and Colleen's and we had such a good visit.

Friday morning we headed for Borger, TX, where my Aunt Beulah lives. We stopped in Clinton, OK and visited my niece, Penny. We got to be with her and her husband and daughter for about three hours. They treated us to lunch in town. They have an RV business. Right behind their business is their beautiful home. We got to take a tour of it and you can enjoy the pictures.
We arrived in Borger around 5:00 pm. It was my cousins birthday so we celebrated by eating out at a Mexican Restaurant. My aunt is 88. She is my mother's last living sibling. It was so wonderful getting to be with her. It gave me such a feeling of being near my mother.

Saturday we headed for Winter Park, CO. We arrived around 8:00. When we got to our condo we were horrified to find that it had not been cleaned. It wasn't horrible, but definitely not what you want. After several phone calls we were able to have excess to the linens and were able to change to clean sheets. Someone was suppose to come clean on Sunday but they didn't arrive until this morning. Needless to say our vacation became less expensive. I guess you get the idea.

Sunday we were able to watch both our church's services via the web. That was such a privilege.

Can you believe it? We saw the old Model T's on Hwy. 66 while traveling in Oklahoma. I could hardly believe my eyes.

That was too long of a blog. Hopefully it wasn't too boring.
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Wednesday - Monday Morning

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day Three

We arrived at our stop in Cape Girardeau at 2:30 pm. We purchased seven men's suits. What a great deal! They were not all for Jerry. We mailed five of them this morning to their destinations. We spent the night at a historical Best Western motel in Springfield (Best Western Rt. 66 Rail Haven Motel). It just so happened that last night there were 11 Model T's there. They were traveling from Baltimore, Maryland to San Francisco, CA. They started on May 3rd and are to arrive on May 28th. We are now traveling through Tulsa on our way to Okahoma City. We are staying with a friend who lives in Del City. That is just on the outskirts of OKC.

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Monday night & Tuesday 5/12 & 5/13

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day two

We left Cincinnati yesterday at 6:30 PM; just a few hours later than we had planned. I guess that is the privilege of being on vacation. We arrived at David & Martha Going's home at 8:00. We drove over to Philip & Rachel's for a little while and got to see her "Romantic Back Porch". I am not use to blogging; therefore, I forgot to take pictures. Everything looked so nice. It was just a little too cool to enjoy that glass of lemonade on the"porch". We enjoyed seeing all of their family even if it was just for a few minutes. We enjoyed visiting with David & Martha even though Martha and I stayed up way too late.

We left their house at 8:06 this morning. After a few stops we were actually on the road by 8:30. Our first stop for today will be Cape Gireadeau, Mo. where we plan to shop at a men's suit outlet. Our plan is to stay in Springfield tonight.
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Morning of day two

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

This is the beginning of a very new adventure. I never thought I would be doing this, but here I am with the influence of my daughter.

Today was a great Mother's Day. All of my children and grandchildren with the exception of Matthew ate Sunday dinner at our house. We had a great day at church and Sunday night we celebrated our graduates with a (cold) picnic after church.

Tomorrow Jerry and I leave for an extended vacation with our destination being Colorado. This will be the very first time we have ever traveled without having a deadline to be back. As of April 30th, I no longer have to get up to an alarm clock. Wow is that ever great! Retirement is wonderful. I will try to post updates about our vacation, so please stop by to follow our adventures.

Here are a few pictures that were taken today.
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Mother's Day 2008